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Sorry Pixiedustdog but i quit your blog. You can still work on my blog. WordPress will remove me in less than 30 minutes.

Bye Pixiedustdog’s Weblog!


That’s Right! The Holiday Party Season Is Here!


Today at 1:50 PST

Where? Matterhorn at The Dock!

I am Hoping My Contest Winners Will Come so I can add them!

Please Vote For President Below This Post! Thanks!

Greenoiscool (Orangoiscool)

http://ameeron.wordpress.com/ Is The fake site. We all knowWatex always uses correct spelling and Capitilisation This dude is a BIG FAKE Watexd has better design skills and He WOULD NEVER Change his name from Fever to Ameeronfever. His real new Blog is at http://www.watexfreemembership.wordpress.com His old membership website. Do not let ammeron fool you. He is a sly dude but not sly enough.


Hello ppl of……of………well wherever your from! Right now I am gonna do CP side. yay! So I wanna make a contest. Yay! (again!) Just for the hay of it. ok! Its gonna go like this:

                                                       CONTEST WAYS


  1. I want you to draw (idc how you draw it. by hand or in paint) about a penguin and pie. IDC if its a peice of pie or the whole thing. Just draw a picture. 1 picture. DO NOT USE IN ANY WAY WHAT-SO-EVA A PICTURE TAKEN ON THE COMPUTER OR IN LIFE. Include your CP name on it somewhere. I dont care where. Then, email it to ariannamutkoski@aol.com .

2. I will then draw out maybe 3-10 names and they will continue on to this step. Next, they must draw me a picture of pie (idc if its a peice or the whole thing)  and send it to the same email as that one: ariannamutkoski@aol.com. Then, from there I will pick 2-5 people. They will move on.

3. I want you to send me the craziest pic of your penguin as you could. Idc if its a screenshot or a drawing. I just want one. Send it to ariannamutkoski@aol.com  and I will pick the 3 people who win. They are the people who I think look weirdest.

Everyone on the site will help judge if they want to. : )


1st place: Blogroll Forever. Edit on the site for a moth to a year. Just in case I forget. Buddies with me and maybe axcoolkenny. In my first-eva vid.

2nd place: Blogroll Forever. Edit on the site for a week to month. Buddies with me and axcoolkenny for a month to three months. Helps me write the script for my video.

3rd place: Blogroll for 3 months. Buddies wih me for a week.

THATS IT!!!! TRY TO WIN!!!!!!!


Ok, my online BFF has come up with the Best Idea Eva. There will be now two different parts of this site. Clubpenguin and Toontown! Greeno/Axcool will be doing clubpenguin and I willl be doing toontown. I still may post on the clubpenguin side, because I still will be going on it every once and a while. I will still be known as Pixiedustdog. I dont like to be known as Prof. Melody, my toon’s name, because I’m not very into that name. I will also still be my crazy self. Because I LIKE ME! lol.


Yay finnally 7000!

Where? Greenoiscool On Map! SEVER SLEET!

When? Friday October 17th at 1:30

Why? 7000 Hits yay!

Hello ppl! I have some news. I am no longer obsessed with club penguin. Instead, I became obsessed with toontown. I know this may sound a bit sad but i am going to do something. Please vote in the poll if i should change this site and make it about toontown, or just completely stop this site and make a new one. SOMEBODY please vote in the poll. ANYONE! EVEN A HOBO! SOMEBODY!


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Please copy and paste this link to see the CP DS Countdown! Im very orry for this, and hopefully this is just for now. Later we will change it. http://www.bored.com/makecountdowns/show.php?id=143210

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